Cebu · MIND 7 · Nutrition Month

Media advocates for nutrition meet

The Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development (MIND) 7 met for the first time this year for its 1st Quarter Meeting to discuss the MIND 7 Proposed Local Media Plan for 2017.

The group also tackled other big upcoming events, such as the Regional Nutrition Summit in May and National Nutrition Month 2017 in July of the National Nutrition Council 7.

The theme for this year’s Nutrition Month is: Healthy diet gawing habit for life!

“Healthy diet means consuming the right quantity of foods from all food groups to lead a healthy and active life. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy wealth, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and improve your overall health.

Thus, this year’s Nutrition Month celebration will be focusing on the importance of healthy diet as a way to prevent acquiring non-communicable diseases caused by both undernutrition and overnutrition to attain a happy and productive life.” ~National Nutrition Council VII

All media efforts for nutrition will cover print, radio, television, internet and social media. / Nancy

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