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Intensified efforts vs. malnutrition

Every year, in Central Visayas, the National Nutrition Council Region VII intensifies efforts against malnutrition. The fruits of its labor are shown in the results of the 2016 Operation Timbang (OPT) Plus:

  • a decrease of 0.31 percent in the prevalence of underweight from 4.91 in 2015 to 4.6 percent in 2016 for 0 to 71 months old
  • a decrease in the stunting prevalence from 13.88 percent in 2015 to 12.64 percent in 2016
  • a significant decline in the provinces of Central Visayas:
    • Bohol from 4.33 percent to 3.97 percent
    • Cebu from 7.28 percent to 6.21 percent
    • Negros Oriental from 6.95 percent to 5.84 percent
    • Siquijor  4.46 percent from 5.31 percent

These are some plans of NNC VII for 2017:

  • intensify media advocacy to promote a proper and good nutrition
  • a region-wide summit on nutrition to present the Philippines Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022
  • celebration of the 43rd Nutrition Month celebration with the theme, “Healthy diet gawing habit for life”

Turn to these channels to follow on the efforts and initiatives of NNC VII:

  • Facebook:
  • Web page:

READ FULL STORY by Mitchelle L. Palaubsanon / The Freeman Cebu


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